Esra and the fall of Shethalas

Netherese Pyramid level 2

The party defeated the Guardian of the first level by using the turrets located in the room. They headed up an elevator onto a large dance hall with dancing skeletons. This grotesque dance almost cost the party several characters but quick thinking saved them. The party headed upstairs into a patrol of undead soldiers. The party tried to avoid them but ultimately gave the patrol battle. The final room involved an undead king, a beholder. A beholder zombie gave the party a great deal of trouble. Ultimately skilled tactics enabled them to defeat the zombie and survive to travel further into the dungeon.

Netherese Pyramid

The party was summoned by Ms. Graelor (a Harper). Ms Graelor gathered other heroes to assist party and the Harpers in recapturing the escaped inmates (they were freed by the blood mage). The inmates were headed to a Pyramid in the North. This Pyramid was what remains of ancient civilization known as the Netherese empire. It was empire of great magic and power. It fell around 1000 years ago. The party headed through a shortcut to pyramid and did battle with a lizardfolk. The party arrived at the pyramid and tried to follow the inmates. Unfortunately traps left by the inmates collapsed the entrance, forcing the party to enter the pyramid another way. The party entered the pyramid after defeating some guardians and traps. They came across a painting that led them to a secret room. They solved a puzzle left by the “mad mage” which gave clues to who had created this pyramid and the layout of it.

Slavers and bandits

Randall asked his old friends help to find a lost girlfriend. He sent out an encrypted note detailing the situation in the Hillsfar region (the Red Plumes had begun to tax and arrest non-humans outside of Hillsfar) . Three separate groups: (The barbarian and fighter) and (the assassin and the mastermind) and Randall came upon a battle the Red Plumes and non-human bandits. The three groups sided with the bandits and defeated the Plumes. This party was then told about a caravan coming through of loaded with valuables. They took this opportunity and laid a trap. They defeated the caravan and found it was actually a slave caravan. They traveled to the caravan’s destination (a small shrine) to find out who had purchased these slaves. They met a powerful druegar who was quite dangerous. Their battle with him was one sided and vicious. Their opponent retreated into the underdark

Feathergale spire
One year after the battle of Vagoborum

Clang and Pericles relocated to Red Larch a small town. While Randal and Echo began their new life in Mulmaster.

Clang and Pericles spent the year after the departure of Randal and Echo struggling. Pericles became involved the Zhentarium and began to do questionable mercenary work. Clang spent year getting into bar fights and drinking nearly homeless. The two friends were reunited when they were summoned by the Harburke the constable of Red L’arche. Off in the distance they heard some ominous music the Wynward Minstrels (a group who played music for many nefarious characters)

A chance for Redemption came to both of them when Harburke the gruff constable asked their helping finding the missing Mirabar delegation. The two friends headed to Summit hall the direction the delegation was last seen. When they arrived there they found the delegation never made it there. They were pointed in the direction of Feathergale spire

The two companions traveled to Feathergale spire where they were welcomed by the Feathergale Knights, they were told that the Monks from the Sacred Stone Monastery were responsible for the missing delegation. The two companions smelled a rat and demanded the Thurl Merkossa (the leader of the order) lead them to where the supposed ambush took place. They traveled to the ambush site and Thurl tried to defeat them. However quick thinking on the two friends part allowed them to capture Thurl. They questioned him and found out that the monks had captured most of the delegation but the Feathergale knights did capture one member. The two companions preceded to return to Feathergale Spire and destroy it. As the spire burned the knights shouted curses at Fire Cult. Who is this fire cult and what really is going on the Dessarin valley?

A murder in Phlan

After the defeat of the Sea witches. The paladin took the corpse of Varis to bury him and make amends. Zantakul helped this journey through the teleportation ring. The group gained two bounty hunters who had previously met. The bounty hunters had come to king’s pyre to kill the sea witches. The bounty hunters joined with the party, they were an eldritch knight and a monk.

The party set to return to Phlan along the way they ran into two boats. These boats told them about trouble and murder brewing in Phlan. Upon returning to Phlan it was revealed the Prince of Faem had been killed in a bizarre fashion. In addition a mysterious person known as the blood mage. Stated he would kill two people everyday until the Lord Regent released Jarat Iron and Jonathen. While solving the murder the party had to contend with the lotus dragons and jealous knights.

The murder scene suggested a skilled magic user wearing a mithral ring. There was also a knife found at scene. The guest book revealed five suspects: A gnome, half elf, elf, human and half orc. The gnome was quickly absolved of guilt. The murders began to escalate in boldness. It was revealed that a Babau (blood demon) was doing the killing. The party went to Albina estate to question party goers (motives for killing the prince) and the seedy bar the Bitter Blade (motives for the suspects). Both of these locations it was eventually suggested that the city watch should arrest the suspects. The morgue and evidence locker also gave clues (means of killing the prince). Eventually the elf turned himself in as a way to prove his innocence (this was an elaborate red herring on his part). After this the half elf was considered the primary suspect and she was arrested. However some last minute clues revealed that the elf was behind the murders.

After the identity of the murderer was revealed. Carric was named next by the blood mage. In addition Jarat and Jonathen were released. The blood demon attacked the party while they were revealing their evidence to the lord regent. They entered a pitched battle and defeated their opponent. Their actions cleared the half elf. After some discussion it was revealed that she was a Harper. A secret organization wishing to keep peace and stability in the realms. The party was told to meet a Harper agent in one week’s time.

The party went to arrest the elf but he was found murdered , perhaps the blood mage is still out there.

Saving Vagoborum

The Dwarven Stronghold of Vagoborum came under siege of the Northern barbarians. However a quick thinking party of adventurers entered the mines of Kalmdeep and retrieved the Frost Prince’s Blade of Red Dragon Slaying. Echo a brave gladiator defeated the half dragon champion.

Defeat of Rowyn

A group of adventures had been tasked with protecting Mavrias the Prince of Faem. However it came to their attention that their old enemy Rowyn Kellani was disrupting shipping to Phlan. On a tip they traveled to Irongate prison. While at Irongate they saw many inmates in their cells, for example the former chieftain of the Seaspear tribe. They ran into a Paladin seeking to free an innocent man from Irongate. This human joined the party on their adventures.

They gathered information from Keyes Yulish an old associate of Rowyn Kellani. He was imprisoned in Irongate. He made them aware of Rowyn attempts to ally with the sea witches. The group returned to Phlan and took the Ocean Jewel to King’s pyre island. On the Journey they narrowly escaped from Seaspear war galleys and rowed through a Merrow hunting ground. King’s pyre was a desolate place the party manage to sneak up on Rowyn and a sea witch. They succeeded in defeating both of them. However the party’s victory came at great cost, as Varis lost control of his lycananthropy and had to be killed.
Assault on the Lotus Dragon Stronghold

You attacked the Lotus dragon stronghold and defeated them. However, Rowyn Kellani and her drake put you to sleep allowing her to escape and rob you.

A mysterious note

As a party you were drawn to Vanderboren manor. You help Lady Vanderboren clear up her debts and release her ship the Blue Nixie. Thiessetra managed to decapitate a pirate captain. You took on a quest to find Vanthus which led you to Parrot Island. There the cur betrayed his allies and left you trapped in a series of chambers.

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