Esra and the fall of Shethalas

Slavers and bandits

Randall asked his old friends help to find a lost girlfriend. He sent out an encrypted note detailing the situation in the Hillsfar region (the Red Plumes had begun to tax and arrest non-humans outside of Hillsfar) . Three separate groups: (The barbarian and fighter) and (the assassin and the mastermind) and Randall came upon a battle the Red Plumes and non-human bandits. The three groups sided with the bandits and defeated the Plumes. This party was then told about a caravan coming through of loaded with valuables. They took this opportunity and laid a trap. They defeated the caravan and found it was actually a slave caravan. They traveled to the caravan’s destination (a small shrine) to find out who had purchased these slaves. They met a powerful druegar who was quite dangerous. Their battle with him was one sided and vicious. Their opponent retreated into the underdark



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